Reviews for "Heavy Pawnage"

really fun game, plenty of great upgrades, weapons, enemies and plenty of ass kick'in. I do agree with Psi9000 about the hit-boxes, but as he says, its common so no sweat. Overall, a really great game!

this was a good game heres a tip for when you start a new game.
1 blast of your shot gun & a knife to your enemy will kill him the fastest.
the first thing you want to buy is the best knife they have available which is 2200 points

This game was very solid with nice controls. The whole presentation was well done and overall it just really fun to play. Although, you make one mistake which most side-scrolling games always make, and it is that enemies hit-boxes and your hit-box don't clash. Often times, this makes it so that they wind up right on top of you, resulting in a frustrating couple of seconds where your taking damage and are forced take that enemy out or you will die. Again, don't be dissuaded by this because it is a common mistake, and its a simple fix. Great game, i look forward to seeing more from you.

awesome action

Good Game Make an Online Version