Reviews for "Heavy Pawnage"

This game starts out great. When I first played, I couldn't stop, it was tons of fun shooting up robots, and a great way to kill time. However, the very sad thing to me is the difficulty as you progress through the game.
I reached level 7,8,9 and 10 before I rage quit. The reason is because it's fun to have a challenge, but it is not fun to get swarmed by extremely overly armored robots, fast suicide bombers, and to be fired at from a distance with rocket lobbing robots!
Worst thing is that I managed to upgrade my armor, speed and weapon clip sizes to the max, and I was wielding the most powerful melee, MG-12 and the Lancer. However, in those swarms of enemies, I unload the clip of the MG-12 in less than a few seconds with full ammo upgrades, and the Lancer suffers the same fate with little effectiveness. They both are simply too weak and do not last long enough for those situations.
AND it's more annoying with those rocket droids, and how it is literally impossible to avoid their rockets, DESPITE having the highest speed and lightest weapon.

ALSO, might I add that I think the Special Weapon Clip upgrade is broken, as I upgraded it full, but the Lancer and Encaser had no changes to clip size.

So, while this game was fun to play for a while, it lost its fun and became a storm of unfair rage, which is the last thing you want in a game like this. You want to give players a challenge, but you want to make sure they still have fun.

So while the game was fun to play at first,

This game is fun and an excellent time killer. Unfortunately It suffers from one glaring pain in the ass issue. The fucking time limit! I gotta say, I love this game and I constantly try to keep playing it and have fun. Unfortunately that unforgiving timer is always the death of me. Here I am walking around trying to have fun killing these little things, and then BOOM time's up!

That is an irritating issue that I can't stand, however it does not make the rest of this amazing game bad in the slightest. It's a blast to play.

Freakin amazing!!!

Art = A+
Music = C-
Gameplay = B+
Story = A+

The art is very cute and simple though the music is kinda meh, gameplay is okay but everything moves slowly and the Story is simple and nice.

cool gAme man... i wish i could see more of your games... T--T