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Reviews for "Run 2 Live - Great Escape"

One of the better games from myplayyard still crap.

Easy to exploit,find a level with a skill point star grab it then lose repeat.
for score find a ledge or something and jump into it you will stop but your score will keep rising.
Annoying music.
Full of MyPlayYard logo annoying as ever. Look MPY I am tired of you making games into advertisements for your site you put your site logo every where in every game you have a hand in making.

....Guess i gotta say something good......

Interesting idea? poorly executed though.

The instructions are lacking. How do I trigger the speed boost or is it triggered automatically? Also, it seems that the level where you're in a tunnel(level 6?) can't be passed unless you know where to put your skill points way ahead of time. I put all my points as suggested, yet it wasn't enough.

Umm, needs more work my friend. I spawned in the air. Can't give it even a one star if it won't work right.

myplayyard responds:


i hate this game -.-