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Reviews for "Arzea"

Great game. Definite Fave!
Music, control, atmosphere, decent challenge. Great blend of elements.
You sir, are a game designer.

loved it very nice game

I did not gain any awards but met the requirements why is this?Good game though..very addictive

I like this game, but what is the gray cat for? I took a little bit trying to get to him/her and it did nothing! Was I too early in the game?

arkeus responds:

There was a cat subtheme during the competition this was made for, where everyone was including a cat in their game. I simply played along. You can kill the cat after getting all the upgrades, but honestly, there isn't a point to it other than a (not so) mysterious easter egg. :)

Even thought of making a sequel? well, If You ever need any ideas, message me! I can help with some game ideas if you want!