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Reviews for "Arzea"

Fine game. Good look and enjoyable gameplay.

This is an excellent game. The only problem is that only two of the medals for the game work, and all the others don't. But, I don't see why having a messed up medal system is the game's fault, so 5/5 :)

i had fun with that game lol but as mentioned before telling us there was a map even if it was in our fucking faces all along would of been nice (but ill say that its kinda my fault for not looking in the corner) anyway the music was good and the controls were very smooth but the story line was kinda bad but i dont think i have ever seen i little platformer like this with an actual story so yeah it does not affect the score

overall great game!!! :D

oh this is fun~ the music gets to my misophonia or whatever it is after a while, (as do the GOD DAMN SNAILS AND CEILING SHOOTERS KILL KILL KILL) ahem, but it's a nice little time waster with a ton of medals. HOWEVER

you could improve the aim, and allow people to shoot while standing on a corner; when you try to do this where you should be able to, you end up hitting the ground. ;)

very nice game to mess around :)