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Reviews for "Arzea"

Very good game. Can't find the last two jump orbs, but overall a well put together game.

The pixel-like graphics mixed perfectly with the 8-bit music and gave it a beautiful blend of amazing adventure. Fantastic game play, storyline was a bit lacking, however. Nonetheless, 5 star, without a doubt.

Very fun and somewhat familiar.

I like this game, but what is the gray cat for? I took a little bit trying to get to him/her and it did nothing! Was I too early in the game?

arkeus responds:

There was a cat subtheme during the competition this was made for, where everyone was including a cat in their game. I simply played along. You can kill the cat after getting all the upgrades, but honestly, there isn't a point to it other than a (not so) mysterious easter egg. :)

Awesome game! I adores it. Finished it for 96%. But I really can't find the last mysterious fragment, is it there like the others or do you need to complete something in order to get it? Because I've been going through the whole map like a dozens of times but i just can't find it.. I suggest the last one is in the upper right part, where there are no saving points, because that's the only place I haven't gotten one so far. Because I saw that there's one in every part. So.. well.. Then that I couldnt find it I thought maybe you get it for beating that girl -because i knew it was the last thing to do, so i went back to find the medal cuz i was scared i'd lose progress or something if i beat her- but then nothing :I... I'm very agitated rioght now, i want to find it, damn xD