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Reviews for "Arzea"

This was awesome, and I love the fact that at higher levels certain enemies become killable, like the blocks(like lvl 30 or 40) and those elemental blocks.( lvl 60ish)
P.S. One question, what do you do with that cat near the beginning?

This game is so cool!

This game is BEAUTIFUL. I loved that you can move with the Arrow Keys for DVORAK keyboards or as I like to call it the PYFGCRL keyboard, and the AZERTY keyboards. If you could make a second version with multiplayer, more spells, 20 orbs, and more bosses to fight.

LOVE this game. 100% completion first time through (with a little help). A very endearing, challenging experience. I would like to see more. My only criticisms are that the final boss is quite challenging (on the touhouvania level) and the ending is a bit short and unrevealing for my taste. Otherwise, excellent game!

I played this game a long time ago and beat it....... it was very good, needs a sequel