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Reviews for "Arzea"

Quite Good, one thing though, I quit it, then continue and my map was unexplored again!?

Reminded me of a game called Hocus Pocus! good game

Great games, but medals don't works. Got only 2 instead of 8.

It was fun to play, for sure... a bit easy, though. I only died twice, and both times the death was caused by lava. One of those deaths was intentional, too; I wanted to see if lava was an instant kill, so I deliberately jumped into some. Because the map is rather expansive, it would have been nice to have a more helpful map display; the in-game map was only marginally helpful, especially after beating the game and having large portions of it wiped out. I have to wonder if a level cap exists, though; I am currently at level 104, and I am still able to earn EXP and level up. My spells charge almost instantly and do severe damage; the final boss is a pushover with spell #6 (I forget what it's called). The water spell is my favourite, though... excellent crowd control, even if it's unpredictable.

One thing I liked was giving the player the ability to gain new skills as he leveled up, even if those skills aren't made immediately apparent. What I'm referring to is the ability to kill the boxes and the enemies that are sort of circular and shoot out tons of bullets. At first, the boxes are unkillable, and the circular enemies can only be killed by one specific element as indicated by their colour. But, at some point, the boxes become vulnerable and can be killed, and the circular enemies can be killed by any spell. It was definitely helpful adding those abilities into the game, as it made trekking from one end of the map and back searching for powerups and fragments much easier.

Overall, a pretty fun game, even if the story is a bit lacking.

It's a nice little game here, but I think some things needs to be improved:
- The speels have a limited use, nearly only one use (other than killing) for going somewhere, but otherwise, the player will take one and spam it for killing the other ennemies...
- The maping system doesn't work really... the game doesn't save the map and areas you checked, or at least in a weird/bad way, making it useless. Only the progression is saved, but when I checked the map after reloading a nearly-finished game, only a fourth of the map is revealed...
- The alternate ("good ending" can we say) could have be better? We only got a 4 word length sentence... Something a lot more joyfull could have been certainly better!

It took 1h30min to finish, but it was entertaining (2h for 100%... because of the last f****** heart orb that I missed, who was at the start >_<). Otherwise it's a nice little game that let it played. ^^