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Reviews for "Arzea"

Fine game. Good look and enjoyable gameplay.

Fucking awesome game. Perfect blend of adventure, action, and skill. Ending has a good feel to it. Would love to see a future of harder challenges and more elements to play with.

P.S. As soon as I got the spike/rock element, that was all I used. With my accuracy and the charged shot all in one line, it was cake to kill everything. At higher levels though, running and shot-gunning with bubbles was not only fun as fuck, but reminiscent of Megaman 2.


Love this game, the spells are awesome and the way the game progresses is really nice. I hope to make games like this in the future the sprites were also really good! Top score from me. :)

i had fun with that game lol but as mentioned before telling us there was a map even if it was in our fucking faces all along would of been nice (but ill say that its kinda my fault for not looking in the corner) anyway the music was good and the controls were very smooth but the story line was kinda bad but i dont think i have ever seen i little platformer like this with an actual story so yeah it does not affect the score

overall great game!!! :D