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Reviews for "Arzea"

exellent game but what do you have to do with the cat ??

This greatly reminds me of the good ol' Apogee Games (specifically of a game called HocusPocus or similar). And that,by all means, is a damn compliment.

There are only two things I could criticise - the music (which was..mediocre at best and highly annoying in the long run) and a slight imbalance in the later levels. After reaching lvl 60, I was practically just running around, spamming the shotgu-, err, Water-Spell and pretty much onehitting everything. Naturally it is supposed to become easier to defeat the monsters, but if you can kill even these super-turret things, I becomes relatively boring after a while.

Other than that - superb game, definitely looking forward to other projects of yours.

Really nice game. It had the metroid feel to it. I really liked the story line but I would still like to know why you got pulled there. Finding the shards wasn't too hard but I did end up missing 1 speed orb which took forever.

What is the maximum lvl?

I have two questions... First, what purpose does the cat have? You know, the cat in the medal. I found it in the game but it just sits there. Does it have a purpose? Second, the help button isn't working for me. Am I experiencing a bug, or am I doing something wrong?