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Reviews for "Arzea"

This game is BEAUTIFUL. I loved that you can move with the Arrow Keys for DVORAK keyboards or as I like to call it the PYFGCRL keyboard, and the AZERTY keyboards. If you could make a second version with multiplayer, more spells, 20 orbs, and more bosses to fight.

when i killed the first boss it didnt eaven give me the key when i killed it then i died when he killed me so i had do new game

I really liked this game , the level up sistem, the storyline and going through game it is what particulary i liked most of all , but the graphics are quite bad , the music becames annoying and you just became traumatically bored after 1 hour , also this kid goes too slow that you can sleep for 2 hours and the kid will only pass 10 meters. should be fixed everything

Overall I enjoyed the game. It wasn't particularly challenging, but it was worth the time I put into it. However, I played the game through to 100% completion, but didn't receive 2 of the medals:
Collect all 10 speed orbs
Collect all the keys

Amazing game. 2 criticism :

- Lack of bosses
- Upon killing the last boss, game is not finished. So I hit continue and... WTF MAP RESET ? I dont have th eballs to re-explore everything... I need the old map and the dark places not visited. So i closed the game ...