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Reviews for "Arzea"

THIS GAME IS THE BEST! It would be more awesome though if there will be a radar on a corner (configurable) so navigating would be easier because I often press M just to be really exact to where I was going.

After over 2 hours I finally could manage to get 100% with level 104!
A really nice game. I enjoyed every minute of it. The only thing I would change: make orbs and such things appear on map until you have collected it. I run a thousand time to the same spots because I never knew where to find the last orbs..
Also the map gets erased when you finished the game for the first time but continue after that to get 100%. It helped me, because that way I could check every place again and see where I already looked, but If you would make orbs appear on map, this could be improved ;)

this game is good!......but i will rate this in three because i thinking if this game in the first story have a SKIP to finish it! uhm but it's a great game :)

oh this is fun~ the music gets to my misophonia or whatever it is after a while, (as do the GOD DAMN SNAILS AND CEILING SHOOTERS KILL KILL KILL) ahem, but it's a nice little time waster with a ton of medals. HOWEVER

you could improve the aim, and allow people to shoot while standing on a corner; when you try to do this where you should be able to, you end up hitting the ground. ;)

WHAT was the racoon doing there?