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Reviews for "Arzea"

Your music composition needs a bit more work. Other than that, your game has very solid controls and level design. Great job.

I liked it, it was adventuress, fast paced, and it had an air of mystery the whole time, yet The only thing is if i had the choice i would have gone deeper into this, made some more story, possibly more powers, but your much better than I sir.

it was a fun game ! good job

+ Fun shooter mechanics.
+ Lots of content.
- The narration is way too overwhelming. I don't want to read a novel, I want to play a game! Skim it back a little.
- Poor platforming mechanics. I understand that you can receive speed and jump upgrades later in the game, but it's still annoying having to make jumps almost pixel-perfect.

Overall a fun game, but it could be better.