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Reviews for "Arzea"

Interesting and fun game

Ok so i got some fun out of this game, it was pretty "ENTERTAINING" and amusing it was like a pretty large world to have a great adventure, It was sort of confusing at first but as you get into kit, its pretty fun and kind of hard aswell but with some time and more practice it gets much better, There was alot of stuff like items and such to get to really advance so that was nice and gave your game "VARIATY" so nice effort there, And last but not least the "SOUND/FX" was pretty good and was showing good quality to it all so nice effort once again. Now all games and movies need some sort of improvment, but for this one i thought it was stand alone on its own.

Not sure what to suggest on improving, it was pretty solid, i supppose you can make the levels somewhat easier to advance to the next, it seemed kind of hard from oneto the next even more then normal.

This game is well done, that's for sure. The music isn't annoying, the pixelart is awesome and the controls are good. The only thing that kinda bothers me is that the spells are kinda unbalanced... For example: the spark spell is only needed 1 time, after that you can continue spamming your fire and water spell. Took me about 1:30h to finish it 100% but the medals aren't working and the save state is erased when I choose continue in the menu :/ I hope the information is somehow stored somewhere so it may be allocated later :/

Nonetheless it's a good game. Keep it up!

It's a nice little game here, but I think some things needs to be improved:
- The speels have a limited use, nearly only one use (other than killing) for going somewhere, but otherwise, the player will take one and spam it for killing the other ennemies...
- The maping system doesn't work really... the game doesn't save the map and areas you checked, or at least in a weird/bad way, making it useless. Only the progression is saved, but when I checked the map after reloading a nearly-finished game, only a fourth of the map is revealed...
- The alternate ("good ending" can we say) could have be better? We only got a 4 word length sentence... Something a lot more joyfull could have been certainly better!

It took 1h30min to finish, but it was entertaining (2h for 100%... because of the last f****** heart orb that I missed, who was at the start >_<). Otherwise it's a nice little game that let it played. ^^

The only bad thing is the map. It's a great game, like Diamond Hollow II.

I like the idea. I would suggest a better map system, as I often get confused where I'm headed/what I am missing, and the map doesn't help.