Reviews for "Dino Panic"

Great graphics! And cute female character!
Is there a sequel for this?

May I suggest a comprehensive display on scores, so I could like, boast and compete?

Overall, I give it a 5!

This is a great stress reliever! A challenge when you're using a wacom ha ha ha, but more challenging if it's on a portable (app)! Good going man keep it up.

Hey Kreig,

I have found this game from your network. Congratulations! I rather like the challenge of using both the keyboard and the mouse in order to gain extra points! I am just curious on the Pteranodon and the slight delay when lifting the caveman at first, then I got it.

Great game, Kreig! :)

Yours truly,


An officemate referred this game to me. Galing niyo po!
I got a high score and submitted it.

Thanks for the promo and more power! God bless!

Ms. Nessa sent me your game. Nice but a bit hard I always stay at the right side, but I can't go back because the dinosaur would eat me hahaha. I tried easy / no pits, but it's not much fun as the one with pits.

I'm rated it 3 for the graphics and music + 2 na din for the challenge. Thanx boss!