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Reviews for "Redesign Rage"

My rage is that there's still no separation between comments and reviews, and when someone tries to write something constructive about a flash, or give it real critique, it gets lost in a sea of "reviews" that just say "5 stars I liked it" or "LOLOLOL hilarious!" etc. I'd like to see a difference, maybe like a separated tab in the same space, where people could post comments, and then people who actually wanted to take the time and write extensive reviews could actually have their reviews seen.

The redesign was great!

I have almost the same reaction here. XD

i give the movie a 1 out of 5...

goldfish's rage is a 5 out of 5....

i guess that evens out to a 2.5

PsychoGoldfish responds:

It averages to 3/5 stupid... stick to your doodles and leave the math to the pros.

I actually love the redesign, it looks pretty sweet.

i like the new redesign, is more..catalogued. And the animation, is nice, and the sound make me lol a little :D.