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Reviews for "Redesign Rage"

Wow! Look at the details on that face! Beautiful!

That's how I felt at first too. I miss the old one...

the new design isnt that bad :/

Okay, that was very strange. It was weird because it was just some guy being angry and then exploding. At least you used orange, which happens to be my favorite color! I imagine this is how some other people thought with the new layout. What's really cool is how people got used to it after awhile, even me. I think the thing I miss most about the old layout was that you can't see the top rated stuff of all time.

Now, there's this system that claims you can, but it's not the same. Only the Top 50 are listed on the portal. It was cool to see how there were some things that slowly got better as the time went by. I do wish you hadn't made it an infinite loop because it gets a tad annoying. At least you know how to express your feelings.

Weird,yet cool.