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Reviews for "Zombie Stalker"

Couldn't be more generic

Can't anyone make zombie games that aren't just walking around with a million bullets and weapons and shooting a million zombies.

Mediocre, but remains impressive...

It was a fun little experience playing the game, the '3D' effect the playing character and zombies have is visually appealing for the most part, which is a definite plus to the experience of playing, you can tell that time and effort were actual put in to the flash through that, and it wasn't some quickly thrown together game.

The levelling system is okay, but it would be nice to have some customization as far as that goes, rather than having your gun level up on it's own - Though besides that, complaints are minimal as far as levelling up goes.

The game gets quite devastating once the difficulty boosts up a few times, especially if you are anything like me and refuse to enter the portal immediately after it is available. The player doesn't get swarmed by many zombies necessarily, but a fair amount that are difficult to take down can give quite the rush.

My main suggestion would be to add some customization to the levelling system in the game, and also the option of choosing your player's look, and avatar at the bottom of the screen.

Also, something you may want to look at, is the game does not fit the default screen size of the Newgrounds 'player' (if you can call it that), it is much smaller and this can be a pain. I'm not sure how to fix that, but if it is possible - It would make the experience a bit nicer.

Overall, quite fun, worth trying.

It was interesting, but there is a lot of work that can be done. The movements for the enemies and yourself are fine, but the actual drops for weapons and health were difficult to get to in the later levels. My recommendation is to make the money worth something, add a screen between the portals for a shop that allows you to buy health, ammo, and even new weapons. Set the prices fairly between zombies killed and what you collect from drops, and this game will be far more enjoyable.

A decent shooter... But does it go anywhere?
The variety of weapons and enemies was fine, but it does get repetitive after having acquired all the guns. Somewhat absurdly, the pistol still often feels more effective than some other weapons simply because it gets used so much and gains experience. And I don't know why portals appear, what's their point, what's the point of collecting money, and whether there's an ending at all. In short, nice basic game engine, but it needs some surroundings.

i agree with PsychoHazard's review the game just feels so.... idk limited theres alotof cool features but the manner in which u used them was kinda pointless... like the whole money system it couldve been used for upgrades to ur character (health, speed and things like that) or even buying weapons...