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Reviews for "Zombie Stalker"

Interesting and unique.

It could've been better, didn't like the graphics that much too.

Doesn't bring a whole lot new to the genre. I think these static levels really bring down the potential of ANY survival game. I think holding out and spending more time on level design and additional levels would be go far to creating a experience that is more enjoyable and giving a gamer a reason to continue playing.

I'm guessing that at 30 minutes tops, I would have topped out most of the weapons and the whole time - I'm just playing the same level over and over. Even the portal areas don't break the game up enough. It's all just a bit tired compared to other games of this style.

Consistency in design and artwork would have been nice. For example, the icon for the machine pickup looks like an small assault rifle, but when picked up it looks like a small minigun. Little things, but they all add up.

The good! Nice graphics even if the zombies are a bit pixelated. Reminds me of PSX generation graphics like LOADED. If you are going to render out 3D characters you may as well go all the way in this day of fast processors, decent graphics in most laptops/desktops and most importantly - bandwidth. Not everyone has great ADSL/cable or whatever, but really I think if you are going to put this much work into a game why not go up to 20mb for a game, really go all out with your graphical elements.

Features that I think would really benefit this game would be:

- Different levels, make the portal visits interesting and different!
- Portal level bosses, something other than just average zombies increased in size
- Money upgrades, I realise the money collected is for points, but upgrades to armour and speed etc. should probably be considered as a base feature in games of this type
- Some powerups, power shots, fast shooting, a bomb to walkover and blast all enemies around

Love the intro tune, I think you should have maintained a hard rock/heavy metal track for the main game.

Good luck with any future projects, your games will benefit from adding more features and also make the game rewarding other than just levelling up weapons and aiming for a best score.

i agree with PsychoHazard's review the game just feels so.... idk limited theres alotof cool features but the manner in which u used them was kinda pointless... like the whole money system it couldve been used for upgrades to ur character (health, speed and things like that) or even buying weapons...

A decent shooter... But does it go anywhere?
The variety of weapons and enemies was fine, but it does get repetitive after having acquired all the guns. Somewhat absurdly, the pistol still often feels more effective than some other weapons simply because it gets used so much and gains experience. And I don't know why portals appear, what's their point, what's the point of collecting money, and whether there's an ending at all. In short, nice basic game engine, but it needs some surroundings.