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Reviews for "Halo 4 (Parody)"

I didn't really find anything funny about it. People tea-bag all the time.

Maybe some slapping noises to simulate the effect of getting hit in the face with a sack, but there's a lot more that could've been improved. I can't state them due to being an inanimate sketcher kind of guy, but yeah.

Could've been better.

XxSoapSlingerxX responds:

It was more to make fun of how their will probably be tons of new shit yet people will teabag and get more enjoyment

You made me laugh. =-)

This was great! I couldn't stop laughing! Omg, brilliant. And so true. I really liked it, so I gave you a fiver. Great job!

XxSoapSlingerxX responds:

Thanks it was really a spur of the moment thing.

What can I say

This is literally bollocks.

XxSoapSlingerxX responds:

It's pronounced "Ballsack".


I could say that this is good, but that would be a lie. It is, however, truthful. I'll give you that.

XxSoapSlingerxX responds:

Thanks? I guess...