Reviews for "Lucy Madness Part02"

your best work until now!

the music and the animation was great, the fights have improved alot, the humor scenes is always good to broke the ince between the viewer and the animation, looks like you have putted alot of work and dedication in this one, i canĀ“t wait for part 3

Not that bad

I really liked the animating work, as well as the ''madness'' style combined with your own style. It really turns out well.

Some slight annoyances were the logo and the quality settings that were on top of the movie every time. I think it would be better to hide them, since it won't be very neccesary to display them ALL the time.

Some sound effects could use a little rework here and there, since some sound effects (like the gun sounds) weren't as high quality as other effects, due to some noises.

Overall, I still enjoyed the animation a lot. Good job!