Reviews for "Lucy Madness Part02"


Better than part 1

Lucy looks like my Degree module leader; Dr Graham

This madness have the best graphic because the faces of the chracter is realistic and detailed. The lady Lucy in the flash looks like the MGBD2 module leader of the University of Bradford. Lucy is sure to be smart and witty.

Good animation, great music.

Wow, you actually did really good on this animation DJ, especially the music too. For a FPS of only 25, you really do know how to make it work.
The first part (Part01) wasn't as great as I thought, the animation was slow, and hardly had any interesting kills, but as for this one, I was quite shocked! The animation is actually far more better than the last one. Even though I never thought the heads were "madness themed", I was finally actually able to get used to it because I mean, it's your style, and it's really different then the everyday madness heads.
I loved the music a lot in this one, it's really cool you make your own music for your animations, that's something I hardly see, and it always creates a great atmosphere in the animation the way you do it. The art in this one, as in backgrounds, weapons, props, etc, was pretty good, better than the last one of course.
The animation is really good though, I loved the use of new weapons that weren't in the old one, and how you used a new character. I liked the part when the guy (Or whatever his name was.) had the giant axe. I also like the new agent's that are more smarter than the regular ones. Also suprised on how faster paced you made the animation style, now it's not all slow and have the character's stop every time they shoot. Also the animation was quite long, it feels like it's more than just 4 minutes and 10 seconds, but that's just me.

So, great work DJ-Janer, you're getting way better than before. I really am looking forward to what you can create in the future.

Nice part.t

good part and go on to continue :)

Very good!

A very interesting story. I look forward to continue!