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Reviews for "SCGMD4"

Still waiting for 5!

In my opinion, the best of the Super Crazy Guitar Maniac Deluxe series, the songs are very enjoyable, and it's more challenging because there are more song in both Amateur and Pro, and the bosses feature is very good, it's a real challenge.
Play this game, it's very good.

Now, this is most definatley the best looking game in the series. The song selection is also very nice. Now, enough with the positives, time for the negatives. The main problem that really ruins the game for me is the hit detection. Hitting a note can be very faulty at times, and can change your medal from a gold, to a bronze. My other problem is the amateur and proffesional modes. They have the same songs. Now, look, I understand it gives the game replayability, but if you play one mode, and you want to beat the game fully, then you're going to have to play the exact same songs, but harder. If the two modes had different songs, this problem would be nonexistent. One thing that definatley saves this game is the boss system. It is a VERY nice addition to the series. Also, the achivment system is a very nice touch. This game is flawed, but enjoyable. 4/5


Every time I play Fairest One of All, the last 4 notes i always miss because they're three notes as chords and it won't let me press them. This is still an amazing game please make a sequel!

this one is a blast from the past. Great songs, great game play cool bosses and cool looking guitars. I would have no problem with this game but I have only one.....sometimes my computer is a dick and decides to erase all my progress and it make me sad...:(