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Reviews for "SCGMD4"

1.wear earphones
2.higher the speakers
3.Go With The Flow!

This game makes me miss my old band! (Element 119/I Killed Ruthelle)

PRESUMED DEAD.....IS.......IS.......THE EPIC FINAL!!!!!!!!!

Say, I really like the game, but sometimes it misses when I press a key... The boss mode has got me thinking of an RPG-like mode for SCGMD5, where you lose a little HP when you miss or something.
Some more suggestions:
A) Co-op/Vs. mode (online) Co-op: You play with another person to get the most points together. Vs:
You fight against another person to get as much score as possible
B) A "Ghost" Mode: You fight against someone's ghost or your own
C) 4-player mode: Basically, Vs. but with 4 people
D) For A) and C), Reputation. In Co-op mode you get reputation if you and your partner get enough score. In Vs./4-player mode, you get it if you did well enough compared to your opponents
E) More songs and song genre filters
And that's it. I'd love it if you included all of these features, but i don't expect you to do all of them. Even if you only do 1, I'm still happy :)

There are few flash games that I find so good that I rate them 5 stars, I usually reserve those ratings for games that I believe are some of the best games on NewGrounds...I think you can guess where this ends. I think this is one of that best games on NewGrounds. I've played all of the SCGMD Games and this is easily the best one The first ones to short, the second one has the worst hit detection of all the games, the third one is way too hard, but this one...it's perfect...I was gonna make a joke pointing out one small flaw with the game...then I realized I couldn't find any flaws with the game