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Reviews for "SCGMD4"

Dayyum niceeeee.

"Hey look,it's SCGMD4(!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!1!1)."
If I were you,I'd taken the brackets and actually shout that line.You probaly did too if you like SCGMD3.Alright,the review!

The game plays quite similiar to SCGMD3,( mean the ASDF keys,not ASD only(like SCGMD2 does have).The multipliers are up to x4 .....Right? Next,if you ever played CGMD2,you'll realize that there's a Pro mode,This time there's no Pro-exclusive songs,just songs with their difficulty raised.There's also secret songs that can be accesed by unlocking(and using) certain guitars.Also....try to guess!Alright,next theres's........bosses!Yep,bosses!The y'll do certain things to make you do badder(distract you so you mess up).Some of the bosses' attacks(again, distractions) are REALLY intresting...some of them are well hidden too!Very well that you might have to search for hours or even DAYS.They also give you guitars for a reward for beating them.Some of the guitars aren't that good but some might just be what you want...

The different multiplier animations,while being awesome,they can be annoying.Sadly,you can't turn them off if you want and play like good ol' SCGMD3.
You and the bosses look pretty much like stickmen(s?)It's too bad I don't have much to write on the graphics.

The voiceover plays when you rise (and fall)in multipliers.They aren't bad,but is annoying for some people like me.Good thing you CAN turn it off in the options menu.The music collection is pretty much filled with rock and some punk music.Some of the songs are REALLYx3 awesome.There's songs from Verax,Monocure,Secrets of Kaplan,SWiTCH,Evil-Dog,and so on....

I don't think there's any more categories of the game to review,so...

Final words:The game's awesome.Real awesome(If you like rythm games).
To SecondImpactGames,I told ya I'd write a review!

Medals seem to be glitched.

I should have unlocked at least two medals for playing a song and unlocking an achievement, but have received neither. Shame, because the game itself is fun as hell.

SecondImpactGames responds:

I just looked at your profile and you have bunch of SCMGD medals, including the ones you mentioned! Maybe they just took a moment to go through...