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Reviews for "SCGMD4"


*Coughs* But all rage aside,
You actually made another game in the series!
I have been eagerly anticipating the release of this game, and it did not disappoint!
Over 15 songs, Medals, Amateur and PRO mode, More guitars and hidden challenges!
(So much more content!) I have only played this game for ten minutes and it's good to know my "Skills" haven't left me. It feels the same as SCGMD3 but a lot better!
My only complaint is the song selection screen, it seems a little bland, but who cares its about the game-play dammit!
And Omahdon's voice acting is top-notch! (same as always!)

Very good game!
Graphics improved, LOADS more content AND it keeps the same feel as SCGMD3!
(Whats not to like?)
SecondImpactGames, you've earned a well deserved rest after making such a masterpiece.

very fun

very fun. was going to downrate it for the "voices in your head" until i checked in options and saw you could disable them.

they shouldn't have been included at all though. they detract, distract, and annoy.


But where is the supercrazyBASSmaniac ?! kkkkkkkk

Whoa, a 4th installment!

I wasn't expecting this! I played SCGMD2 to death, and was also a big fan of the third installment. Playing this one, the difficulty seemed to have increased a bit. But I went back to 2 and tried it, and the difficulty was about the same. I guess the thing that's different about this one is that there's more interactivity and achievements, which is a good thing. But unfortunately, that demands too much time from me. Time that I just can't spend on flash games anymore.

In any case, a great game, still going strong, but as with many 4th installments in a series, it's bound to not hold up as well.

Overall fantastic work, but a few hiccups,

After waiting for so long for SCGMD4 to come out, I can't say I didn't give a squeal of delight when I saw it on the front page. However, I have to say that this isn't as much a mind-blowing game as much as the last two were. I have only a few reservations about this game, but it's a shame that such little things ruin an otherwise awesome game. First, I think that there's a slight timing issue because some notes come a bit too early and others come a bit too late, which makes it that bit more frustrating trying to get things perfect.
Secondly, there are too many distractions, the little guy at the bottom of the screen and having the numbers and the arrows the same colour is extremely confusing! If I don't get distracted by that little bloke, I keep wanting to press "up" instead of 4 or "down" instead of 1, etc. I think that an option to turn the colours of the numbers back to silver/grey would greatly improve this, and maybe a little reward video for completing all the songs could be the animation of the stick guy running, surfing, flying, etc. like he would do if you were playing?
One last thing I miss is showing the length of the song before you play it, along with the timer bar across the top. I know that there's the star scale showing how well you're playing (great feature in itself btw), but it's just not the same!
On the better side, I think all the other new features are brilliant! Especially the boss battles and new instruments, even more so a medal/achievement system!
Thank you for taking the time to read this if you got this far, I appreciate it :)
Much love and (despite the odd setbacks) overall fantastic work!!