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Reviews for "SCGMD4"


Sweet merciful internet god thanks for hearing my long plea!!!! Sweet I have played all of them and I never get tired at all, i just love them WOOOO!

A Credible Addition

Great game. Need I say more? Yes, obviously, otherwise this wouldn't be a review. I loved the additions to the game. The new achievements and animations work well enough, and one thing really stood out to me. I loved the new score bar in place there with the star breakdowns; I can't say why exactly, I just like its feel. The bosses also successfully add an interesting dimension to this series. They definitely don't take center-stage, but they do their part in enhancing the experience.

Now for the things I missed from SCGMD3. I liked having the requirements for unlocking a new guitar on the blank space. I understand the whole "hidden" achievement thing and I like it, but I also liked having goals to work towards for cool new unlocks. I also miss the avatar animations from #3, which, in my opinion, were more fitting for this kind of game. The animations here are excellent, but, as has been mentioned before, I cannot enjoy them because I'm busy looking at the keys. The multipliers were another thing that bugged me. This one isn't a big issue, but I would have much preferred a x10 on the regular songs and a x20 max on the pro songs, or at least a x5 for the regular songs. Still, that's a small point. The last thing I missed was the song timeline bar; that thing gave me the last push to hold on to a tough song and score a perfect in the last notes; removing it was not ideal.

Despite all that, I think the game is a success. Its soundtrack stays strong and the little red bugger of a stick figure still has the moves. I have to confess I don't understand that main menu with the prop up poster of the orca, but whatever.

Good job, well done, and I very much hope to see a SCGMD5 (headed by Shinki preferably, but Second Impact proved a worthy stand-in).

SecondImpactGames responds:

Thanks for the review!

Actually I (Shinki) am one half of Second Impact Games. :p


simply awesome

secret medals:
skin of you tent: jus scrape a star award
4 33: press nothing for a wile song
mkes perfect: play the same song 5 times in a row

very good game the broters are hard hehe XD


Another game in the series! kind of unexpected, but such a great surprise :)


Wow, you know how long I have been waiting for this game??? Thank you!