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Reviews for "SCGMD4"

Nice Game But
To Hard but also a cool game :D :D liked but very hard

its so much better then 3 maybe its just me but i didn't really like part 3

This is just as epic as I expected. I also have been with the series since game one, and remain a fan. I was distracted at first every time the stick fogures animation changed which caused me to miss notes for the first couple of songs. XP Great game, I'm happy to see a fourth installment come to life =D

This is a difficult one...

Before I say anything else I'm going to say that I enjoyed this game, I didn't love it, but it definitely wasted a good hour of my life.

Good things first; I personally liked the song selection, none of the songs "Stood out", but I don't care for things like that as long as all the songs are good. The game was funny in places too, the end of each song had the most laughs from me, particularly the "golden boy/girl" star and the voice-over that went with it.

I also liked the fact that the tracks the notes come on changes to the colour of the neck of the selected guitar, I really liked that.

Now, the problems. Firstly, the animations at the bottom of the screen were very distracting during gameplay, at least to begin with, but the in-game voice-over was even more-so, saying things like "Am I putting you off?" or something similar almost every time I missed a note, the voice-over also overpowered the music so it was difficult to correct my mistake and get another streak going. (I know you can turn off in-game voice-overs in the options menu, but it's the fact that they are there in the first place)

Secondly, The game is just a little too difficult, I was having trouble with some of the easier pro-difficulty songs (and I've had years of practice with all sorts of rhythm games), Now if I had trouble, imagine someone who has NEVER played a rhythm game before they would really struggle to play the first song. Just saying...

Thirdly, The boss fights seemed a little unnessairy, like they were simply there to flesh out the game that little bit more just because you could, the only practical purpose boss fights had was for medals and for the final song. (And the fact that you could decline a boss fight, or to chose to have one on your own accord makes it that little bit less of a boss and more like a added challenge)

+ Nice song choice
+ humorous in places
+ Game looks good in general
- Too hard. Too quickly (particularly for n00bs to Rhythm games)
- MANY distractions in-game
- Bosses seem pointless

Don't get me wrong, I like this game. But it has it's flaws.
soz to everyone for the gigantic review and I'm gunna give this game a...

Review: 7 / 10
Vote: 3 / 5


all i gotta say is that its an awsome game ive been playing it since the first one. Its a little hard but i like a challenge especially the last song