Reviews for "SCGMD4"

this is an amazing game. i love all of it. five out of five. i just want to know though, how do you summon the time lord. UGHHH. over all though, great game, good job.

look on the shh medal thats not a secret medal

No matter what I cant beat the brothers.....
And I cant even do Fairest One of All in pro mode!
Awesome game though.
Love the good songs and awesome music.
But the 2 final bosses are hard, really.

SCGMD 4 is a very addicting game...which could be a good or bad thing... :P anyways i love all the songs and i think the cute voices are funny at times over all id say SCGMD 4 is very well made and is a great flash to play in your spare time i love it.

thanks to everyone who made SCGMD 4 great work.

The is awesome but the hardest achievements are just impossible. I've been playing this game for more than 25 hours over a week now and I'm still nowhere near being able to get the Wizard achievement, really nowhere near.