Reviews for "SCGMD4"

look on the shh medal thats not a secret medal

No matter what I cant beat the brothers.....
And I cant even do Fairest One of All in pro mode!
Awesome game though.
Love the good songs and awesome music.
But the 2 final bosses are hard, really.

SCGMD 4 is a very addicting game...which could be a good or bad thing... :P anyways i love all the songs and i think the cute voices are funny at times over all id say SCGMD 4 is very well made and is a great flash to play in your spare time i love it.

thanks to everyone who made SCGMD 4 great work.

The is awesome but the hardest achievements are just impossible. I've been playing this game for more than 25 hours over a week now and I'm still nowhere near being able to get the Wizard achievement, really nowhere near.

Awesome game. It is well organized, with epic musics, not even too hard to be maxed out in pro, but still it represents a challenge. I love how I can see how much I need to get a particular star, and the stickman animations are good too. There is so little to improve (except to find other great songs), and I can say this is the best music game available on a pc (GH doesn't count), as well as my favorite game here on NG!