Reviews for "Ican'tAffordAwheelchair"

I got all the achievements except "Get all Achievements." I need it to get it? So, I can't get it at all? Otherwise, it's a great game. At first, it seems a little light, but then you realize that making it heavier would be really bad. It's great!

Neat little game. Quite entertaining, for these 2 minutes. Nice graphics and great jazz music.

Not bad, technically it was great, the animation was smooth and graphics were great, but from creative side I find it lacking, it somewhat feels empty. Gameplay is not really entertaining nor really funny, either. It felt like a game that is supposed to be an interactive story... without any significant story to tell at all. Another problem is the stupidity of the character, usually when games include such stupidity levels they make it suiting to the game, such as The Game, in here it felt cheap, there was no reason why he kept falling out, it completely didn't fit the atmosphere, if he could trip or do it for compensation, for example, then that'd be more understandable, but he just kept running out through the window over again and again.
However, the dialogue was rather entertaining, the videos were somewhat funny and design was pleasing, it just lacked in execution.

Emrox responds:

I'll remember that next time around.


Nicely detailed game and a unique thing for every limb lost. I like the animation and the parts where it shows what you've just broken. I also like the music because it sounds kinda relaxing, but funny in a way. Very detailed, but I wish there was more to it.