Reviews for "Ican'tAffordAwheelchair"

Very great game but little options,i think adding some more sauce(content) would make it very more better ! but it still a very great game.

this game is awesome only criticism i have is it needs a save feature and maybe to be able to break the rib cage

Great Game!

Well it's an interesting concept. I stopped in front of my desk and pressed space a bunch of times before I walked some more through the window. It was a bit unnatural, but that's fine. I got all the achievements except "great balance" and the one next to it. And the "all achievements" one, of course. It was an interesting game.

Emrox responds:

For "great balance" you need to do six perfect balances in one game.
For the other one you need to exploit a known glitch that occurs when you have one arm and no legs.

Good luck!

(also, I didn't put in a 'save' feature 'cause I'm too stupid, so it's probably not worth the trouble to get all of them)

wow this game was fun and funny and just pure awesome and made my day. i didn't know saving ur head meant killing ur boss lol

Emrox responds:

Yeah, well maybe you'll think about the consequences next time, hmmm?