Reviews for "Ican'tAffordAwheelchair"

It was fair, quite a suprise really, suddenly jumping out of that window.

I experimented with the falling, and found only 2 endings, a little dissapointing for a simple game like this.

this game is pretty entertaining for about 10minutes (not a bad thing), the conversation was funny, pretty solid animation, and the sfx for the bone crunching always get to me

Emrox responds:

Fair enough.

it wont load ive been sitting here for 5 minute

Emrox responds:


had no idea we were supose to fall out the window. i was like "Awww shit, i messed up" but then i realized thtat was the whole point of the game XD

A good 5-minute passer with enough hidden achievements to encourage replayability. I mean like, we can all endure something like this for them, right? Never thought that killing myself from an office building would be this dull.
Even so, to be able to kill the annoying electric-scooter-riding boss was completely euphoric. Have an extra star.

Haha I enjoyed this game. It's a nice little pass timer. I liked the conversation between the guy and the boss as well as the graphics