Reviews for "Scale of the Universe 2"

Big Bang Theory!!

Even better than the original!

This should replace the opening credits on The Big Bang Theory


This is just amazing... the amount of work you had to put into this, must have been incredible and I am just in awe.

so good

Amazing, my only complaint was that i couldnt copy and paste the texts.

It was amazing when it was the first one, and it is amazing now. The only thing I can suggest is that in however long it takes you to write and draw up your next one, you should learn more about the items that you're showing. For instance, the purpose of AM and FM being named the way they are. Also, more stuff is always good to have.

Now, to get the people behind Katamari Damacy to look at this, and point to the larger stuff for inspiration towards their next project. Rolling up the superclusters.

Incredibly epic.