Reviews for "Scale of the Universe 2"

Simply brilliant and extraordinary and beautiful

and inpiring :) Great idea!!!


I just watched a few episodes of "The Universe" a few hours ago so it was appropriate that I log in and find a followup to one of my favorite submissions on Newgrounds.

I would also like to mention that if the universe were literally infinate then it is truely a multiverse as sheer mathamatical probability demands that an exact copy of the Sol system exist somewhere in the depths space, right down to this very flash system.

To those that would 'nuh-uh' at the last paragraph...Think about this for a moment. If space continues on for an infinate expanse, a distace we could never traverse, then that means that even a 10^googol / 1 probability of a carbon copy Sol system has to occur. Infinite expanses are hard to consider because we havn't even physically left the Sol system, let alone explored the Milky Way, or even the expanses between galaxies. This leads to the ever more difficult questions involving true size and shape. Some state the universe is flat reletive to x,y,z, coordinates contrasted to the possibility of a paralelle universe and its x,y,z, coordinates. At the same time others state that our universe wraps back onto itself forming a kind of cosmic ring.

To the Huang's, amazing work yet again. It brings a manageable perspective to reality when considering the sub atomic and macroscopic.


Even better than the first one. This makes me very interested in what makes up our universe


Only one half of an earthworm grows back, and that's only if you don't cut off too much.

As with the first one it is a spectacular program the really shows and accurate depiction of the universe.