Reviews for "Scale of the Universe 2"


But I do want to point something out. With the X chromosome, even though most of the chromosomes are X shaped, they aren't called X chromosomes. They're called autosomes. The X chromosome only refers to the sex-chromosome.

Fotoshop responds:

I fixed it and uploaded that! It might take a day or two to update, though.

Thanks for pointing it out!

When I was little, I always want to find out more about the stars and the night sky.

After I grew up, I read astronomy and find it full of characters and maths that I don't know.

This game and the part 1 are all masterpieces that broaden my little mind. Really thanks and hail this great game.

AWESOME. I'm a science geek, so yeah...
Lol Minecraft! I love that game. Never knew it was THAT HUGE! Siq.
Anyway, I totally believe in the string theory.

Minecraft word in space...seems legit 5/5

Excellent! Could have used a little more 'grown-up' tone to some of the descriptions, but that's okay. I hope you keep updating/ upgrading it. This would also make a REALLY good short(20 mins) animation movie for middle school students.