Reviews for "Scale of the Universe 2"



This was great. I feel so small now.
And, I kinda hoped for a Your mom joke. That doesn't make this less awesome.

I think chlorine doesn't have 19 neutrons very often is because it's unstable like that.

completely amazing!

Absolutely astounishing and the music only added to the epicness! With all these breath-taking images it sure was a lot of information to take in. I love how it goes from quantum strings to the observable universe! From the smallest known objects to the largest!

However, I don't think it should've ended at the observable universe. I think you should've added parallel universes or the multi-universe beyond our own universe. It might be pointless since they're all just highly speculative and theoretical ideas, but still, you should add them to suggest the possibilities that even our own universe isn't the only one in the grand scheme of all things and that there is more to creation itself than all the stars and galaxies in our universe that we could ever hope to see. Something for you to think about!

There is one thought regarding this that deeply upsets me and that's the fact that we won't live to witness the true age of discovery. It saddens me to think that we'll all be long gone by the time humans actually have the technological capabilities to explore the deeper and stranger regions of space than what we've managed to explore so far. We won't be around to experience the real adventures. Shame, makes me wish I was born much later.

Anyways, you did a fantastic job on this! Love to see more from you.