Reviews for "Scale of the Universe 2"

Amazing and beautiful

I loved the text! I read through it all, it was really interesting!

Also, TAKE THAT, IMPERIAL USERS!! International measure system FTW.

i feel like the old one was more polished, albeit, a lesser game (?). do w/ that info what you will, el flash artiste

I've seen some pictures showing how big the universe is. Like the comparisons between our sun and other bigger stars and then comparisons of even bigger stars. But none of those pictures have ever made me feel so insignificant. That we are just a speck in the big scheme of things, which in this case is the universe. That despite the immense size of the universe, we might be the ONLY living things existing. Sure there might be others but how can we be so sure?

I've seen your previous "Scale of the Universe" but this.. this is totally different. Thank you for this. This took me on an adventure that I probably would never be on ever in my life. 5 stars for this my friend.

I have seen previous versions and this continues to amaze me like those last versions.

Well done!

holy shit this is amazing