Reviews for "Scale of the Universe 2"


Bravo! Only one word can only be used to describe this: Beautiful! This is a masterpiece in the making. You deserve my praise for creating a such a masterful work and deserve much more than the five-star limit the system allows us to top reviews at. Kudos to you!

how much knowledge

To sharpnova; The Andromeda galaxy is bigger than the Milky Way and has more starts because Andromeda shallows up a bunch of smaller galaxies and has slightly less dark matter.

On to the review. I wish this works on my computer but it won't load so lucky I try another one and I learned a-lot from this. It makes us small on how huge the universe is. It make me wonder if we're not alone here? You got 5 stars and that is a huge deal from me.

the electron is currently theorized to be a point particle. that means its radius is 0.

the milky way is significantly larger than the andromeda galaxy.

lots of inaccuracies here.