Reviews for "Scale of the Universe 2"

I knew about this before I found it on newgrounds so I are cool.

Certain things are completely wrong in this.

very nihilism inducing!


A simple and beautiful glimpse into the wonders of the Universe.

As humans it is impossible for us to grasp sizes outside of a limited range, and this interactive science piece just reinforces how small we are in such a huge and unknown place.

We really are fragile as a species, and as a part of a magnificent ecosystem, and I hope this application encourages people to think bigger and outside of their own bubble, and to value all life and things that exist, and could exist.

Playing with this just boggles my mind, and makes me appreciate the fact I am alive and able to even come close to understanding the world and Universe around me.

Thank you to the developers for taking the time to make this application, and I would encourage every user to take some time to really appreciate the contents and to reflect on them.