Reviews for "Scale of the Universe 2"

First off, just like to say what most others here have said: This is quite an amazing educational flash game, love the concept of it all.

Second, the reason I didn't give you a 5th star. I first checked this out 2 or 3 days ago, glancing at a few things before deciding to start from the smallest, and go around a bit. I came upon the Earthworm, which said in the info something along the lines of "If you cut it in half, both will grow back to be their own earthworms".
Today I come back here to learn some more, only to see that there are a few MORE things added, and the Earthworm info on growing back was CHANGED to state how "only the head side has chance to regrow, and tail will die."

This changed the "fact" that I had learned from my previous visit, which of course only makes me wonder how much more can be slightly off fact wise.
I figured that perhaps somewhere you'd have a log of new additions, changes, and fixes for that matter...But I'm not seeing it anywhere (not that its that important, i suppose)... I guess final point is that the credibility is shattered, and I can only believe most of what is stated. All in all though, I don't expect perfection, and you've done a wonderful job at raising awareness for people on here. Great work overall!

For about 2 minutes all i did was go
And then i was like
Ok this is too much fuck it. Going indifferent mode on this sh1t whatever.
It's completely impossible to wrap your head around how f*cking big the universe is.
And I love it. This was so cool, kudos.

lol I have been to the gateway arch. Its realy cool!

My mom thinks it's impossible to fit every single human into rhode island, and now I'm starting to have doubts, is that true?

first one was better...found some of the measurements and descriptions to be vague or inaccurate, for instance why is Asia roughly the same size as the whole planet earth?

Fotoshop responds:

Remember that the surface area of Earth is much greater than what is visible on just one side.
Looking at the Eastern Hemisphere, Asia seems to span more than half-way across the Earth, even though on a world map, it seems smaller.

Search "Earth Asia" on Google for a more clear comparison.

And besides, the measurements are correct.
The distance from the Middle East to Eastern Russia is close to 8,000 km.
The Earth is about 12,700 in diameter - its circumference is 40,000 km.