Reviews for "Scale of the Universe 2"

I wish I could give more stars, this is just astonishing

I admit that when I first saw this, I thought it was just an update and nothing special, but a lot of work has gone into 2 and I now see it as important. I didn't see why it needed its own Wikigrounds Page, but perhaps, if someone would like to put in some interesting data about 2, the page could be worthwhile. EG what is new anything Fotoshop cares to tell us about the choice of new things and the thought process...

It is a little disappointing that Pluto and others around it have no colour- but we don't know the colour of all of them and of course we had not been to Pluto at the time this first came out.
I don't know if it is possible to have the scrolling smoother, but the way the scroll is in levels, means that a few pieces of the text are more or less unreadable.
I love Kevin's music- does it have a name? Is it in the Portal?

It is wonderful, interesting, inspiring and educational. Congratulations again, Fotoshop !!!


wow this was something unique and dazzling ofcourse, I personally would have loved more color added in but it was nice, I thought this was kind of Dazzling and something differant but for sure had a nice visual look to it with a sense of fresh look about it, this was a pretty decent game entry, Now even with that said there are some stuff on this submission that can be better fixed and spiced up, but thats for later.

I personally would have loved more color added in but it was nice



I really enjoy this educational flash game. You can learn all about the universe and outer space. Science is not only awesome, but it is also fun. Great job.