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Reviews for "Black Sky: Tower Defense"

Excellent Game

I love the different level designs. I especially like how spamming towers is NOT rewarded, you have to upgrade smartly to progress.

Some complaints: You can pause indefinitely, and while pausing the bonuses can still recharge. Why even bother with a pause if it lets you cheat and take each wave one at a time, hmm?

The graphics were a bit simplistic too. Not seeing a fisual of machine gun bullets hitting the enemy kinda made it lose a little spark or something.

Finally, it took me about 30 seconds to figure out where I could place a turret, and the walkways for the enemies were confusing as hell. It was all one big mash of color xD

Still, 8/10, good job!

It's kind of cool, sure looks like you put a lot of thought into this, and like that guy said, it's not about spamming turrets, good job.