Reviews for "Defender'sQuest (big)demo"

personally i don't like tower defense games very much, but i would play this again or at least finish the game once it is offered free for the whole game, (i'm not paying to play my least favorite style of game)

im into it, so great. please finish so I find what happens! please?!

Best Tower Defense game evar! I have buy the full edition on steam and this was the best deal i have done! =D

Beautifulk story, lovely caharacters (berserker and dragons ftw!) and awesome comibation of td and rpg =D I hope for a second part ^^

Idon't even know what to say about this else than its very great.

I havent tryed the ful lgame. but for a 'demo' its awesome

Love the game! There is only one thing I would change... for those of us that use headphones: the sound effect for Ether is VERY obnoxious, especially hearing it when the game is on 4x speed, change is to something realistic? Thanks very much!