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Reviews for "Defender'sQuest (big)demo"

When I saw the description saying the game was a hybrid of RPG and Tower Defense, I was curious.
I was surprised about how enjoyable the game was. This game convinced me to give the TD genre another chance.

Awesome game!

--But I need some hint for the secret medals, except for getting the ranger, the healer and the berserker. (PM me, plz)


took me forever to get the last gold star but now i want to play more and i have no money :(

Blew me away.

This game is really good. I find it very addicting. Not only does it give a good impression, it also gives a new layout on the TD/RPG genre.

The game is pretty much well-made. I like the pixelated style of play. Vivid colors and the music are also a plus. The story is interesting, and the world map is really good. The units you get are interesting themselves, and also gives some kind of strategy on where to put for the best effective damage output. The art style used is also fantastic.

Good job on making this game, and I'll keep my save game just in case :D

Very fun

Very fun, but I'm not interested in paying for it. Got all of the achievements.

Make sure to turn on 300% XP in accessibility to speed up grinding. The final level is easiest with two berserkers at boost 4, two rangers at boost 4, and two healers (if berserkers are taking damage). Recall and reposition berserkers when oz passes by. Spells are pretty much useless. Max out Frenzy and spend the rest on whatever you want.