Reviews for "Defender'sQuest (big)demo"

Yes! I just bought it too. Guyz, this game is awesome. I'm in love with the story, with art and design. Defending games always was my favorite but this one is special. It's RPG! Oh, I spend about 5 hours in demo. And I can't wait when my full-version downloading is finish.
Thank you for the great stuff and a time filler while i'm sick and can't move a lot in my bed.

Well you persuaded me. I bought it ^^ gameplay wise it's pretty addictive and i wanted to see more, but really the story is what made me decide. i rarely buy a game without a good story in it.

The coupon code also helped too. i don't usually pay much for indie games and i probably wouldn't have got it without that extra money off.

Great great great game a beautiful mix of TD and RPG definitely worth buying!

Great game! Fun to play and it's a pleasure to level up armies. But it make me sad when it tell me to pay to see the end...

I was like "Sweet this is fun!" Then I realized that it is a demo....