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Reviews for "Defender'sQuest (big)demo"

que pena que solo sea una demo

Pretty freaking sweet.I was never really into the whole Defense type of thing, but this is a really good game.I really enjoyed the plot behind this game. It's awesome. I have to say it was worthy of my time!

I think some of the medals don't work, so if you're looking to earn a lot of medals from this I suggest you look elsewhere.

After playing this demo I can actually say there's a possibility that I will purchase the full version.

Bottom-Line: If you don't really care for defense type games, maybe give this one a try? If you are into those, YOU'LL MOST LIKELY LOVE THIS!Great story.Medals don't work. I'd recommend buying the full version.


Reporting error #2015.

Great game.. Awesome game*

..hey one thing... the plural of staff is staves* ; )

thanks for the awesomeness :D

One of the bets games I have played on NG.