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Reviews for "Defender'sQuest (big)demo"

paid for it, love it. played start to finish three times now about 20 hours each time!

It's been quite a while since I've enjoyed a TD this much. To show my support, I've decided to purchase the game, along with its soundtrack. $12 seems like a lot to some for a flash game, but I feel it is up to the discretion of the player to decide to support if he/she enjoys the game and decides to play it out. It isn't just about seeing the whole game. I've payed more than that for games I didn't end up liking as much. What's more, I get a whole soundtrack, free updates forever, and one awesome TD to play for a while. I appreciate the free demo - it gave me something to be interested in.
As far as whether or not it's worth it, again that falls on the judgment of the player. I know some people that hate 8-bit games, for example, because the graphics and music "suck horribly compared to modern stuff", whereas others love it. Though I understand the view point, I wouldn't say it's a cheat to only offer a free demo. To each, his own.
Either way, I fully enjoy the game, demo or not. For me, it's worth the money.

Very good game, I love the story and the art. But it's sad that it's only the demo :D

i thought this game was awesome! if only wish the full version was free...

A great game I wish you guys the best in finishing it