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Reviews for "Defender'sQuest (big)demo"


my buisness suggestion put the make the demo a ipod app


Gotta say, the system seems good. Plus, the campaign is a lower difficulty curve, which I like with the bonus of going back on harder settings for greater rewards!

I'm really intrigued. Interesting story, and actually likeable characters. Not many people can do that crazy-in-a-fun-way without it being totally obnoxious. I also like outfitting my 'towers' as I see fit, however I find myself stocking up on the main character's skill points until I get all the spells.

Go you and I really hope this game springboards you into the industry.

I also really like the indie market these days and want to encourage it.

LarsiusPrime responds:

Thanks so much for your kind and supportive words!

Now this is interesting

Worth the wait. Feels like a Dragon Quest kind of game.
The way how you situate the game is interesting. You can equip your tower (berserkers) with weapons or armor for better ups. Each tower(character) is just a unique individuality making it more strategic. To spice it up, having levels and experience system would make even more interesting through learning skills and such for better gameplay.

It's worth a 5.