Reviews for "Defender'sQuest (big)demo"


such a fun game help this becomes a lot more

Awesome job!

I love the combination of RPG with defense game. I found myself sucked into the story, and wanting to know how it's going to end. The different level of challenges with the same map was a good way to learn and level. The skill trees and personalization of recruited followers was a good touch. The equipment was a bit dull, however. I wish there was some more 'loot' you could find. Even so, a great job. I look forward to playing the full version.

LarsiusPrime responds:

Super thanks! We hope you like it :)


it was very good. the story line was very easy to get through and the script was funny as hell. the ideas and the concept in the game pulled you in and i was very sad that it ended, i enjoyed going back and maxing everything and trying to finish the extreme modes. i enjoyed the customisation of the different characters. i am seriously considering buying the full version, and i never pay to play.
very good job

LarsiusPrime responds:

Thanks so much! If you have any questions at all about the full version, just feel free to ask. Our customers so far say the rest of the story is even better, and we really think you'll like the next three characters :)


The only reason I don't give this a 10 is due to the fact that it's a demo, and I really don't like it when games are advertised on NG through demos.

Anyway, this looks absolutely amazing. It's somewhat original, like a twist on other TD games, the story seems fairly solid, and I like the development of certain characters along the entire series.

The graphics and animations are sweet, and the gameplay is rather simple to grasp for anyone playing. A smooth learning curve is always a good thing in games. Music is pretty much perfect, I really love it.

LarsiusPrime responds:

Thanks for your honest and frank review! We understand demos can be a tough sell, so that's why we tried to be as up-front as possible. Glad you liked the game :)


I'm buying the full version.

Oh, and a rule of thumb: Never take business advice from someone who can't spell "business."

LarsiusPrime responds:

Thanks so much! If you have any problems with your order, or find a bug or anything, don't hesitate to contact support, we want to give you a GREAT experience.

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