Reviews for "Defender'sQuest (big)demo"

Simply Entertaining RPG/Strategy

But. IT WON'T SELL FOR A PC GAME! There is just Few people who would... But Hello Its calling you out! ITS MEANT TO BE AN ANDROID / OS APPLE MARKET GAME! This would be an incredible app game! just for a pc is not Suitable but for A phone It would be Great! Im telling you now, words of wisdom

Love it

Combines the best things I about turn-based rpg's and strategy games, all put into a neat little tower defense package. This would definitely be worth purchasing.

Oh my!

Got to the end of the demo, sure is refreshing playing this even though I used up alot of my time heh. But still, The game is nicely thought out so far with the demo, and is definetly a game worth buying.


This is such an awesome game! I felt like i had to review because it looks like this hasnt gotten as much attention as it deserves. How could I not buy the full game? Especially since there's that coupon code :)


this game is awesome i wish i cloud get the full version and lars nice choice hope u make more games like this thxs for the cool game